Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find my trash collection day?
A: Contact the Hart County Solid Waste Business Office at
(270) 524-3323
Q: Where can I get income tax forms?
Q: Where can I report a crime?
Q: Where can I send a suggestion to an elected official?
A: See Fiscal Court.
Q: Where do I take my recyclables?
A: Currently only cardboard and paper are being recycled.  A collection site is set up at Jobe Publishing Company’s business office in Horse Cave the last Saturday of each month.
Q: Where can I read Fiscal Court meeting minutes?
A: See Fiscal Court.
Q: Where can I contact my state elected officials?
Q: Where can I check on road construction in our area?
Q: How do I obtain Vital Records?

For Kids:

Q: How do I get homework help?
Q: Where can I find the State Constitution?
Q: Where can I learn more about Hart County and the history of its towns?